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Welcome to the best probiotic! The natural, friendly bacteria of the body, normally residing in the colon, can oftentimes be easily disturbed and even destroyed. Poor diets, made up of dead, lifeless foods, medications such as antibiotics, steroids, and birth control pills all rapidly destroy these healthy bacteria, setting us up for gastrointestinal disturbance as well as opportunistic yeast infections such as candida and systemic candidiasis. This new formula is the best probiotic for women who are often prone to yeast infection. It is also the best probiotic for men because they consume primarily over processed foods. By replacing the natural bacteria found in a healthy gut with this probiotic supplement, we can ensure both enhanced digestion and elimination, both important in a healthy body. When considering probiotics for adults, choose one that offers both prebiotics as well as probiotics for maximum results. Our formula fits this requirement, making it the best probiotic!

Video about The Best Probiotic Supplement, from The Institute of Nutritional Science

Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

The Best Probiotic

The Institute of Nutritional Science is a pioneer in the management of such conditions as yeast infections, candida overgrowth, and the very serious, systemic candidiasis. We have long established that it is the lack of adequate natural bacteria in the gut, which cause these conditions to develop. It is imperative that you replace these natural bacteria every time you use medications such as antibiotics, steroid drugs, or birth control medications. Further, we need to replace the healthy bacteria after a fast, cleanse, or oxy flush. The Best Probiotic we use contains 14 billion micro flora per serving, a level of supplementation we feel is necessary to re-establish colon integrity making it truly the best probiotic. When considering a colon cleanse it is imperative to replace the healthy bacteria afterwards. With condition like ulcerative colitis, it is wise to consult with a health care professional since colitis symptoms can vary greatly from one person to another. The best probiotic is one that provides both prebiotics and probiotics to help ensure ongoing beneficial flora. Remember that not all probiotic supplements are the same.

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