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Nutrition Starter Kit 1  – 2 High Vitality 32 fl.oz

Nutrition Starter Kit 2 – 2 High Vitality 32 fl.oz – 2 Best Trace Minerals 32 fl.oz

Nutrition Starter Kit 3 – 2 High Vitality 32 fl.oz – 2 Best Trace Minerals 32 fl.oz – The Best Probiotic 60 Tabs

Phoenix Nutritionals is Announcing money-saving Nutrition Starter Kits. Everyone is looking for ways to save money, while simplifying their life, hopefully at the same time. In keeping with that concept, Phoenix Nutritionals is developing Nutritional Starter Kits, which are designed to make supplementation as easy and convenient as possible.

For example our Nutrition Starter Kit 1 represent the best liquid vitamins for women, the best liquid vitamins for men, serve as high energy supplements, and, because of their high antioxidant content, these kits serve as healthy aging supplements as well as supplements for energy and metabolism. Often we see on the shelves of health stores specialized vitamins for men as well as for women. In most cases this is unnecessary because when you assemble a truly full-spectrum supplement it can include all these various factors because at the end of the day women’s vitamins as well as men’s vitamins are basically the same. By re-balancing the body chemistry with our full-spectrum concept, we can address the major factors important to both men and women such as performance and vitality, energy, and metabolism, while also being excellent healthy aging supplements.

The other kits that will be available will include colloidal fulvic acid trace minerals in higher amounts for those that can benefit from their ingestion. We have also taken into consideration the massive indigestion problem affecting millions and millions of people. To help address this our Nutrition Starter Kit 3 contains a powerful probiotic. The best probiotic supplement would also provide prebiotics, needed by the body to continue to manufacture beneficial bacteria in the gut on its own. We will have more information about Nutrition Starter Kits being added to our list of choices soon.