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The most complete joint support product for joint and connective tissue. By approaching joint and connective tissue health from a multifaceted approach, this joint support formula is one of the best joint supplements available. It ensures that the user is addressing their concerns from every possible angle. Further, it is the only formulation available to the public containing Chondroitin sulfate, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, CMO, and MSM all in one capsule!

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Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

What is Arthritis?

There are many forms of arthritis. For the purposes of our discussion we will focus on what is often referred to as ‘common arthritis’, or osteo-inflammatory arthritis. In spite of the fact that millions of people are seeking arthritis pain relief, medicine has no real cause of arthritis. Arthritis occurs when cartilage tissue, the soft spongy substance within joints, wears down faster than it can be replaced. This leaves a space, which sets the joint up for inflammation and further deterioration of the cartilage and connective tissue. Over time, the inflammation and loss of range of motion begins to stiffen the joint area and flexibility is reduced. The pain resulting from the inflammation of the joint and connective tissues makes arthritis an often-crippling condition, destroying the quality of life for the sufferer. When seeking arthritis pain relief, it is important to provide both joint building nutrients and a formula that addresses inflammation for arthritis pain relief. In order to obtain the best vitamins for arthritis, it must have all the co-factors for joint support. The best joint supplements will include a broad spectrum of factors.

The Arthritis Process

The cause of arthritis, a progressive chronic degenerative condition caused by the body’s inability to replace lost cartilage and connective tissue, can be effectively addressed by complete joint supplements. In the early stages such things as sports injuries to a particular joint or an accident that has damaged one or more joints may cause arthritis, but in the vast majority of cases, arthritis is the result of a breakdown of protein absorption and a lack of key essential minerals needed to repair and maintain connective tissue strength. For this reason vitamins for arthritis must include supportive minerals as well. Exercise plays a major role in keeping the body flexible. Exercise with arthritis can often be uncomfortable but exercise for the arthritis sufferer is essential for joint health. You should begin with only what you can comfortably do, but slowly try and increase both duration and resistance of the exercise. By exercising, we can keep the joints and especially the connective, supportive tissues flexible. The best time to gain control over the arthritis process is as early on in the process as possible. The longer arthritis ravages the joints of the body, the greater the potential permanent damage that can occur.

Other Factors That Affect The Arthritis Process

In order to better understand the cause of the arthritis process and deal with the arthritis symptoms and deal with arthritis pain relief caused by swelling, loss of range of motion, etc., we need to start by improving the digestion of the body. If you suffer from feelings of indigestion frequently, it is a sign that you may not be properly breaking down dietary proteins into basic amino acids so that the body can rebuild necessary tissue structures. Arthritis pain relief then, begins by improving the digestion of the foods, especially proteins that we consume. Arthritis symptoms of pain, loss of range of motion and others, will then begin to improve. In over 30 years of experience in alternative health care and nutrition, I have never met an arthritis sufferer who was not also toxic. The reason is that the inflammatory process produces massive amounts of free radicals, resulting in increased toxicity of the body. By detoxifying the body, we can often reduce, temporarily, the level of arthritis pain and discomfort by 50% or more. Detoxification and arthritis begins by using a multi-herbal/fiber formula designed to detoxify the organs of elimination, namely the liver, kidneys, bladder, bowel, and colon and should be a part of any vitamins for arthritis.

Natural Vitamins for Arthritis Treatments

Vitamins for arthritis have become increasingly popular as more and more people suffer from the pain and inflammation and seek arthritis pain relief. The oldest remedy for arthritis pain is apple cider vinegar. This alone has worked quite well for eliminating the pain of arthritis as well as some inflammation. The reason that this works is because it acidifies the digestive system of the body, causing better digestion. In more recent years many other joint supplements have been identified and have become popular. The best joint supplements will have nutrients to help rebuild joint and connective tissue as well as natural anti-inflammatory support nutrients for the best arthritis relief. We feel that this current formula represents the best vitamin for arthritis when paired with our natural anti-inflammatory support formula called Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support Supplement.

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