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Insulin related disorders are epidemic in all industrialized nations. For this reason many want to know how to address blood sugar and stop sugar cravings. This supplement provides nutrients proven essential in the body’s ability to support healthy glucose and insulin levels. More complete than any other formula, Blood Sugar Support represents the very latest in glucose support from The Institute of Nutritional Science. Our vitamins for blood sugar also help stop sugar cravings. We feel that this is the best supplement on the market. If you are looking for a way how to stop sugar cravings with nutritional supplements this formula can be your answer. Since it affects cravings, this is also an ideal weight loss supplement, and we have many who use this to stop sugar cravings while dieting.

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Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Complications of Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is the most epidemic chronic degenerative disease in the world. A new case is being diagnosed every 30 seconds, round the clock. The saddest thing about this condition is that type II Diabetes is almost always controllable and even preventable through diet, exercise, and most importantly, key targeted diabetes supplements. There are many potential complications from diabetes, including neuropathy, amputations, increased cardiovascular risks, kidney damage, cholesterol elevation, and heart attacks. Neuropathy is the destruction of nerve endings, mostly in the hands and feet leading to numbness. Because of these complications, seeking a treatment for diabetes and controlling blood sugar levels has become popular. Both diet and supplements are involved in discussing how to reverse diabetes. Vitamins for diabetes must also include key trace minerals. The diabetic diet must restrict carbohydrate intake.

Syndrome X

The symptoms revolving around both diabetes and hypoglycemia are often referred to as syndrome X. These include elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, and often a severe overweight situation. When excess insulin is produced its primary function is to convert blood sugar to stored energy called triglycerides, which are then deposited in the fat cells. Elevated triglycerides are also a sign of syndrome X. By controlling insulin levels and insulin receptor site function with diabetes supplements, we can control all of the other side effects of the condition often referred to as syndrome X. Treatment for diabetes must address all these concerns. Diabetes and weight gain are almost synonymous with each other, which is why this formula is also an ideal weight loss supplement. This is a result of severe carbohydrate intolerance. In fact moderate to severe obesity is a classic sign of syndrome X or insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when insulin receptor site cells become desensitized to the action of insulin, requiring more and more insulin to convert blood sugar to its stored forms, thereby increasing blood sugar levels. This often results in sugar cravings and this formula has proven to be very effective to stop sugar cravings, making dieting much easier.

What About Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar and results from the same basic problems of insulin excess. In these individuals, the excess insulin is lowering the blood sugar levels too far resulting in weakness, shakiness, confused thinking, etc. Significantly low blood sugar can be very dangerous and even fatal. When we talk about vitamins for diabetes, the same principles with a little modification can be used to help those with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar as well.

Natural Diabetes Management

Diabetes, severe obesity, and hypoglycemia management by natural means revolves around the same basic program. We approach natural diabetes management through the three key factors of health, namely Diet, Exercise, and Key Diabetes Supplements. Regular exercise increases insulin receptor site sensitivity and thus reduces the need for excess insulin production. This step alone can help to lower blood sugar levels in those with type II diabetes and stabilize blood sugar levels in those with hypoglycemia. Any program aimed at managing type II diabetes must control the type and amount of carbohydrates being ingested. If you want to know how to lower blood sugar and how to stop sugar cravings supplements are essential in addition to a diabetes diet since most diabetic diets are far too high in sugar forming carbohydrates to ever be able to lower blood sugar significantly. By adding specific vitamins for diabetes we can address all phases of the syndrome X complex and find the best way to control blood sugar.

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