Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

There are several reasons for choosing a liquid delivery system, especially for a baseline full-spectrum nutrition formula. When we look at any supplement there are several factors that should be considered. Potency, absorption, totality, and ratio are the four most important. Firstly, we must address potency. In order for a supplement to be effective it has to provide enough of each essential nutrient to meet the body’s requirements. We also need to consider nutrient variations so that we end up with a product that is the best multivitamin for men and the best multivitamin for women at the same time. The minimum requirements, which are now referred to as the daily value or DV on a supplement label represent the bare minimum quantity of each nutrient but are often far from optimal levels. From our perspective there are at least 100 nutrients essential for optimal wellness. These include the vitamins, the major minerals, the trace minerals, the fatty acids, key antioxidants, and phytochemicals or phyto nutrients from plant extracts. Many so-called Full Spectrum Supplements not only provide the bare minimum but usually only contain a fraction of the optimal nutrients we need. The number one complaint from both men and women middle-aged and older is a lack of energy. While there are many potential reasons for this, lack of energy producing nutrients is certainly one of them. Factors such as energy, metabolism, performance, and vitality are all at the top of the list. Once adequate potency has been determined and addressed, we then move on to the second factor, which is absorption.

The best liquid vitamins and the best vitamins for energy must be able to reach all the cells of the body where they do their work. The ability to do this is based on absorption factors. Liquid nutrients seem to possess higher absorption factors than other forms of delivery. Certainly, capsules can be of use, especially if they are micro thin and made from vegetable sources. For baseline nutrition we feel that a liquid delivery system is essential. This is especially true when supplementing for people over the age of 55 when the digestive system is not as efficient as it was in the past. Another factor in absorption is what we call the pH or the acid and alkaline balance. Nutrients absorb in an acid environment and we know by the high rate of anti acid use tens of millions of people likely do not have the stomach acid production to fully absorb many key nutrients. For this reason, we acidify the liquid suspension so that it meets maximum absorption rates once in the stomach.

The last factor we need to discuss is the most misunderstood and least known. Ratios of one nutrient to the other are vitally important for ongoing absorption and bio-availability to the cells of the body. Each nutrient, especially the minerals, there are electrical charges. These charges are what in part, helps the cells to uptake mineral nutrients. Some minerals have a higher electrical charge than others and this can cause potential problems for competition across cells. In order to compensate it is important to increase the potency of the weaker minerals, so they have a greater chance of cellular transport. If you look into nature, most plants naturally maintain these ratios, but through soil depletion many of our farm goods are no longer able to maintain these delicate balances. The end result is that our crops, which are sickened and require aggressive fertilization, are more susceptible to pest invasion.

It’s interesting to see how history often repeats itself. In the 1800’s tonics were all the rage. Unfortunately, most of them contained little or no nutrients in rather large amounts of alcohol, making them very popular I’m sure. From there we went to hard compressed tablets and eventually came around to the realization that capsules provided much better delivery system. Today, tonics or liquid supplements are becoming popular once again because people are beginning to realize it’s not just what you take but what you absorb that will make a difference.