Excerpted from a lecture, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

55 and older supplements are essential. Here at our research Institute we constantly get rave reviews on our unique Full-Spectrum Liquid Supplement. This is especially true with those consumers over the age of 55. They report increased energy, better sleep, greater mental alertness, and an overall sense of well-being that many have not felt for a long time. There are great differences between one supplement and another. Factors such as absorption, totality of nutrients, and potency, not to mention ratio, are all factors that can make an enormous difference.

Our Liquid Formula, from Phoenix Nutritionals called High Vitality Liquid, provides over 130 nutrients to the biochemistry and the living system of the human body. Because it is in liquid form there are two opportunities for the body to achieve absorption, one through the stomach and subsequently also through the small intestine. All of us over 55 are seeking to maintain and regain our energy levels and our overall feeling of vitality. We received hundreds of emails and phone calls from users age 55 and above, some of them who have taken supplements for a long time that the sense of well-being and balance that they feel is something that they have never experienced before.

We strongly recommend this Full-Spectrum Supplement to people of all ages, but especially those 55 and over. It is this group that is beginning to feel the effects of aging and while nothing, as of yet, can reverse that, helping you to feel the vitality and energy as best you can be worth a great deal. Check back next week for more information about do diet soda cause belly fat?

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