Phoenix Nutritionals Products Earn NSF GMP Certification
As a biochemist and Clinical Nutritionist, I have always insisted
that my formulations be of the highest possible standard. Until
recently these standards were at the discretion of each manufacturer.
That has changed with the creation of the Good Manufacturing
Practices Certification, issued by NSF International.

NSF International is an independent testing organization
dedicated to ensuring optimal quality control of the dietary supplement
industry. By having our supplements NSF Certified, our consumers are
ensured that they are manufactured in the absolute highest standards
of excellence. NSF Certification verifies that the contents of the
supplements actually match what is printed on the label. Further, they
ensure that there are no contaminants or ingredients present in the
supplement that are not openly disclosed on the label.

When a manufacturer receives GMP (Good Manufacturing
Practices) Certification from NSF International you are guaranteed of
both the quality and potency of the supplements manufactured by

NSF International is accredited by the American National
Standards Institute, The International Accreditation Service and the
Occupational and Safety Health Administration.

I am pleased to announce that all the formulas I make for
Phoenix Nutritionals are now manufactured in NSF International GMP
registered facilities. Our NSF GMP Certification is another example of
our dedication to providing the best possible products. By investing in
the necessary procedures and equipment to establish the safety and
effectiveness of the ingredients in our products, our consumers have
the comfort that comes from knowing we are manufacturing at the
highest possible standards.

During the industry transition to these new standards, which
include raw material testing, finished product testing and site
inspections, at many levels, there may be some delay in processing
raw materials. This may temporarily slow down the availability of
certain raw materials and hence the products made from them. We
feel that this situation is only temporary, but may continue for several
more months. If you use one or more of our products you may wish to
order a bit ahead of need to ensure you will have product if there is a